California Judge Rules Coffee Causes Cancer

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California Off Its Rocker

California Coffee WarningThere are several assumptions that are suspicious with this judge’s decision. First of all, it’s the state of California. This is the same state that supports and harbors illegal alien fugitives.  The same state that defies federal law.  The same state that supports the abomination of encouraging homosexual marriage.
Secondly, let’s take a look at the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle, who is renowned for his liberal stances.  Additionally, keep in mind that for much of Berle’s career he has been making a living on the backs of consumer product manufacturers.

Coffee Causes Cancer – Really?

coffee causes cancerNext is the inconclusive claim that acrylamide and thus coffee causes cancer.  I find it interesting that the burden of proof wasn’t that acrylamide causes cancer.  The onus of proof was put onto the coffee “industry” to prove that acrylamide “doesn’t” cause cancer.  This is clearly a perversion of common law, for which our entire legal system rests.

The Once Great State of California

California Judge Rules Coffee Causes CancerIt seems to me that if California continues to persecute businesses, that eventually they won’t have any businesses.
It’s nuts like this judge that are hastening the exodus of good people and good businesses from California.  This isn’t so bad for the states which take in these California refugees.  The states benefiting are low-tax and pro-business states like Texas and Idaho.
I can imagine a day when California becomes a state made up mostly of illegal aliens, gangs, and welfare moms.

West Coast Escape

fresh roasted coffee beansI can also see the day when even the liberal states of Washington, the birth place of Starbucks, and Oregon, the birth place of Pete’s Coffee, follow California’s lead in carrying the banner that coffee causes cancer.
I’m trying to figure out which California hates more, a good cup of coffee, or a good company.
Thank goodness that in The Inland Northwest, we can still think straight and enjoy a good cup of soul satisfyingly good coffee.

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California Judge Rules Coffee Causes Cancer


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