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Alisha and I are practicing, faith filled, and dedicated Christians AND we are also Coffee Roasters. I guess, by default, I suppose that some folks would think that makes us Christian Coffee Roasters. That being said, Lake City Coffee was not conceived as a Christian Coffee Company.

Patriot Coffee Lovers

Patriot Coffee

What we have tried to build is a coffee company for everyone. But, in reality, we haven’t been too successful at that because we seem to be attracting people like ourselves and at the same time alienating anti-American left-wing nuts. We’re not trying to alienate these folks; they just seem to be thin skinned.

That being said, we’re also not going to hide our light under a basket. We are not going to cower to the left’s cancel culture. Why don’t we fear the big bad wolf of the left? Because in this case, they’re really sheep in wolf’s clothing. Without our voting dollars, the left is toothless.

Faith Based Coffee

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Alisha and I have steadily grown our business because we don’t hide our beliefs. YET! And this is important, we’re not shoving those beliefs down anyone’s throats. Again, we are Christian Coffee Roasters, yet Lake City Coffee is not a Christian Coffee Company. By saying the word “God”, does put some people on edge. Even so, I’ll bet, other than this very blog post, I have never used the words Christian or Jesus Christ.

We do not believe in the separation of Church & State, (who’s separation, contrary to popular belief, is un-constitutional), so we sure as hell don’t believe in the separation of Church & Business.  As Christians and conservative coffee business owners, our faith should permeate everything that we do, including our business, which it does. We’re just not in-your-face about it.

Coffee Not For The Masses

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Most believers can read between the lines, getting our message loud-n-clear, especially if they scroll down to the bottom of any page and see the organizations that we support. As business owners, we choose to support whatever organizations that align with our world view.

On rare occasion, we receive comments from people with their panties in a wad because they don’t like the organizations that we support. Fine. We’re not here to please everyone. I’d rather tick-off 100,000 people and trade them for 100 people that love our product and us.

Christian Coffee Roaster Mission

Now, here is the hard part for me; and that is to not intentionally tick people off. I must admit, that I’m prone to enjoy poking-the-bear (liberals). That’s why Alisha is my personal editor. Trust me, if she didn’t heavily redact what I write, I’d be in jail by now.

So, although we’re Born Again Christians and we are Christian Coffee Roasters, we are exceptionally good coffee roasters. Lake City Coffee, though not advertising as a Christian Coffee Company, does have one mission and that’s providing the best home brewed whole bean coffee experience on the planet. Just take one look at our Review Page and I think you’ll get the idea that we’re doing our job pretty darn well.

Our Coffee Goal is Super Smooth Home Brewed Coffee

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Smooth is the key to what we do. How do we get the smoothest coffee on the planet? Smooth coffee has three components:

  • Smooth beans (Costa Rica)
  • Low-n-Slow roasting (without burning)
  • Super fresh (roasted and shipped the same day)

With this combination, you can screw up the brewing all you want and you’ll still have an amazing cup of coffee. Of course, we’re here to teach you how to brew these beans into a cup of coffee that is the best drink this side of heaven.  

Christian Coffee Company Ministry

See, I can talk “coffee” just as well as talking “Faith In Jesus Christ”. So, if you’re a Jew, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever, we’re OK with that. You can buy our coffee and we’ll do our job so you can enjoy our coffee without looking at any overtly Christian message on your coffee bag or our website. Good deal huh? Oh, and if you want to ask questions about Jesus Christ, we’re here for that too. 

This business has never been about coffee. It’s been about people; first, last, always. The best part of this business is the friends that we’ve made through it. We have great customers. Actually, it’s hard to think of many of them as customers, but as friends that happen to buy coffee from us. To be perfectly honest with you. I roast for Alisha and me. I roast what we like. You guys, our customers and friends, simply get what’s left over. Granted nearly 100 pounds a week of leftovers is quite a bit. Good thing for you that I suck at math.

My Coffee Shop Alter-Ego

Coffee Shop Owner

Imagine if you will, walking into a mercantile in the late 1800’s in a small town in the Wild West. You’d probably see a middle-aged man with a white apron on; his sleeves rolled up, and smile on his face. And he’s smiling just because you walked into his store. Not surprisingly, before he asks you how he can help you, he’ll ask about your spouse and the kids and if your horse dropped her foul yet.  And when you’re ready to talk business, he’s there to serve you to the best of his ability.

That’s just what Christians do. That’s what American business owners did for hundreds of years. And that’s just what Alisha and I do every day through Lake City Coffee.

As Christian Coffee Roasters, we pray that you enjoy our coffee; laugh and cry with us; and grow in our faith with us.


Russell & Alisha Volz

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 48-72 Hours

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