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Air-Tight Pouches & Oxygen Absorbers

Our Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches are triple heat sealed with a resealable zipper. Additionally, in the bottom of each bag is a food grade oxygen absorber. Oxygen is the enemy of freshness. These oxygen absorbers will eliminate 99.9% of the oxygen in your coffee pouch, thus preserving the freshness of your beans.

How Long Will Lake City Coffee Last?

As a rule of thumb, our freezer ready pouches with oxygen absorbers will keep your fresh roasted coffee tasting the following percentages as good as the day it was roasted:

  • Cupboard 3 weeks = 98%
  • Cupboard 6 weeks = 95%
  • Freezer 2 months = 95%
  • Freezer 4 months = 95%
  • Freezer 6 months = 90%
  • Freezer 12 months = 90%

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The only coupon code that we offer is for local pickup her in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, thus avoiding any shipping charges.

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