Calories In Coffee With Cream And Sugar

My sister, Karen, has lost nearly 60 pounds in the last year.  I’m going to show you one very important part of what made her successful. She started by looking at the number of calories in coffee with cream and sugar and switched to black coffee, no sugar, no cream.

Karen’s Secret

Calories In Coffee With Cream And Sugar
Just Black Please

Of course she did more than just eliminating sugar and cream in her coffee. Yet, her success in part was accomplished by starting each day with a coffee experience second to none, WHICH set the tone for losing weight each day.

Her success revolved around quality vs. quantity; that is quality food, quality drink; quality exercise; and in general, quality experiences.

Even her exercise was all about quality, not quantity. Let’s face it, we generally don’t do those things that we dislike and we do a lot of what we do like. This is how Karen succeeded.

Calories In Coffee With Cream And Sugar

too much coffee

When it comes to quality coffee, the real rub here is that most Americans don’t really like coffee. Two thirds of us drink coffee each day, yet very few of us drink it black. Let’s face it; black coffee is bitter and burnt.  That’s why we add cream and sugar; not to mention chocolate, caramel, corn syrup flavorings, whip cream, and sprinkles. Shit! No wonder half of us are overweight.

When slurping down a Sugar-Shack liquid coffee candy bar, it’s hard to think about the calories in coffee with cream and sugar. On the other hand, a typical cup of black coffee has only 2 calories; add cream and sugar and the typical coffee drink in America is now 200-500 calories, which is ¼ to 1/3 of an adult’s total daily calorie count for an entire day!

Hard Jolt or Relaxing Chill

Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream
Would Someone Please Just Wake Me Up?

There are two kinds of coffee drinkers. The first kind of coffee drinker drinks coffee to wake up. Let’s call these folks the “Walking Dead” or “Walkers” for short. Walkers are looking for a jolt to just wake them up. They drink whatever burnt and bitter industrial coffee that they can find.  Then they load it up with a ton of sugar. Their wake-up-call isn’t the caffeine, it’s the sugar! 

Strangely enough, the darker the roast the less the caffeine, and since most industrial coffee companies roast the snot out of their beans, therefore most coffee does NOT have enough caffeine in it to give you a jolt big enough to wake you up.  You either have to drink a lot of industrial coffee or you add a ton of calories in coffee with cream and sugar.

Super Smooth Coffee

Best Whole Bean Coffee
Pothead Drinker

The second kind of coffee drinker, (my sister Karen, me, my wife, and all of our customers), are “Pot Heads”, “Potters” for short.  No, I’m not talking about weed, but if you’re thinking in that direction, you’re on the right track.

Potters are looking for a smooth relaxing coffee experience. They want to sit back, close their eyes (not while driving please), relax and enjoy the moment; allowing the cares of the world to recede and just focus on you and that wonderful cup of joe.

Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream

Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream
Real Coffee

This is where Karen had her epiphany. If she could just find a great cup of black coffee that didn’t need sugar or cream. That’s when she tried my coffee.

Karen was amazed that she truly enjoyed the coffee without any cream, sugar, or anything else.  And guess what, she’s not the only one. Here’s a link to just one customer review extolling our smooth coffee and not needing cream or sugar (Click Here).

What Makes A Great Coffee Experience?

Now, if I were you, I’d be asking, “So what’s so different about your coffee to not need cream and sugar”?  Good question. In a nutshell, you need the right bean, freshly roasted, and brewed correctly.  Below, we’ll discuss these subjects in detail.  Just keep in mind that I roast what I like. My goal is the smoothest, most tasteful, home brewed, whole bean coffee experience that you’re likely to find anywhere, and to do that without adding anything.

The Right Beans

Industrial Blends’ Bait-n-Switch


Each bean from each field in each country has its unique flavor. Some beans taste sweet, bitter, earthy, nutty, chocolate, or citrusy. 

Large industrial coffee companies try creating blends in a futile attempt to blend the best taste of each bean. Unfortunately, all they end up getting is a mishmash of incompatible tastes.   At this point it’s important to point out that blends do NOT create smooth coffee. Coffee blends is really just marketing speak for, “We bought the cheapest damn beans that we could find and blended them together”. 

Single Source Beans

how long do coffee beans last
Costa Rica Tarrazu Amapola

A better alternative to blends is Single Source coffee.  Single Source beans all come from the same farmer or co-op. What that gives you is a consistent and obvious natural taste. Since I love full flavored coffee, with two or three distinct flavors (Chocolate, Nut, Citrus, etc.), that’s also naturally sweet, and most importantly super smooth (i.e. not bitter),  

I therefore source all of Lake City Coffee’s beans from the Amapola plantation, in the Tarazzu region of Costa Rica.

Fresh Roasted 0-30 Days

Wow! Fresh!

Here’s a little know fact about roasted coffee beans.  All coffee starts going stale and bitter in 30 days. And no amount of space age packaging technology can change that fact. The difference between 5 day old coffee and 30 day old coffee is a lot more than you’d think.

Considering the fact that over 90% of all roasted coffee sold in America has been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years, it’s no wonder that all industrial coffee is stale and bitter. 

Gently Roasted

lake city coffee
Like A Gentle Breeze

Additionally, large industrial coffee companies roast the snot out of their beans to the point of resembling Kingsford Charcoal. Even small specialty coffee roasters, in an attempt to be the next Charbucks, over roast their beans. To take the best beans that money can buy and then burn them is a sin.

Here at Lake City Coffee, I gently roast our beans to perfection. You’ll never see black beans coming out of my roaster. If you like burnt coffee then go to Charbucks.  But if you’re looking for real coffee flavor, then you’re in the right place.

Brewing Techniques

Idaho Coffee
Just Like Grandma’s

Surprisingly enough, how your brew your coffee has a lot to do with the quality of your final cup of coffee.  There is a wide variety of methods for brewing coffee; Cowboy Coffee, Perk, Drip, Slow Drip, etc. And don’t even get me started on Keurig (gag me with a spoon and punch me in the face).

My point is this. If convenience is your primary goal, then you’re not a coffee lover. Stick with what you’re willing to drink and add all the calories in coffee with cream and sugar. But don’t expect to loose any weight.

My 3 Favorite Brewing Techniques

  1. Cold Brew – Cold brew is by far the smoothest and most naturally sweet method of brewing coffee.  It’s also the easiest. Click the following link to watch my video. You may have to scroll down the page a bit. (Click Here)
  2. AeroPress – The AeroPress is similar to a French Press but with a paper filter. I prefer the AeroPress because it produces a smoother and less bitter cup of coffee than the French Press. Click the following link to watch my video.  You may have to scroll down the page a bit. (Click Here)
  3. French Press – I’m not a big fan of the French Press because the cup of coffee that it produces is a bit bitter and strong for me. That being said, I believe that it’s also the best way to really determine how good your coffee is, because nothing gets hidden with a French Press. You’re getting the real and raw deal. I guess that I’m more impressed with the idea of the French Press because you actually steep the coffee.

Bottom Line

conservative coffee roaster
Russell Roasting

So, if you’re looking to save calories in coffee with cream and sugar and you’re willing to go with black coffee, no sugar, no cream, then my friend, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better coffee than Lake City Coffee.

Like I said, if my sister Karen can drop 50+ pounds, then so can you. Just start your day with the best coffee this side of heaven.

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