What Is Blonde Coffee or Blonde Roast Coffee

“A rose by any other name smells as sweet”. I suppose that’s as true today as it did in Shakespeare’s time. Apparently, the term “White Coffee” wasn’t good enough for the good old boys on Wall Street. This year’s big hit is “Blonde Roast Coffee” or just “Blonde Coffee”.  So, what is blonde coffee? Simply put, today’s “Blonde” was yesterday’s “White”.

what is blonde coffee

What Is Blonde Coffee?

So, what’s changed? In appearances, everything has changed, but in reality, nothing has changed. Last year there was just plain old “white coffee”.

Today, there’s “Blonde Espresso”, which means there must be “Blonde Americanos”, “Blonde Lattes”, “Blonde Cappuccinos”, “Blonde Mochas” (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one), “Blonde Flat Whites”, “Blonde Macchiatos”, oh and yes, there’s even plain old “Blonde Coffee”.

Blonde Roast Coffee

What is blonde coffee

Blonde roast coffee is nothing more than a very light roasted coffee. In this case, “light” is an understatement. The beans are so light they’re actually yellow or if roasted properly golden in color.

As you might guess, the name change came from Charbucks, whom you might recall are the same people who think that the only good coffee bean is a burnt coffee bean. But not here. In this case, Charbucks and all their “Wantabees” under roast their blonde coffee beans. In this case, the beans are yellow and tastes like straw.

On the other hand, 60 seconds more in the roaster and another 10 degrees of heat, and the blond roast coffee turns into a beautiful golden color, which produces a wonderfully nutty taste and the aroma is to die for. Many of our customers mix the blonde roast coffee with medium or dark roast.

Even a die-hard traditionalist like myself will indulge with a little blond coffee mixed in my dark roast from time to time.

Advantages Of Blonde Coffee

blonde coffee

In reality there really isn’t a lot to crow about over blonde coffee.  You either like it and drink it or you don’t. 99% of the appeal of blonde coffee is in the taste. Some people claim that it has less acid. True, there is less acid in blond roast coffee; a whopping 1% difference in Ph level. Big deal.

Now I do have to admit that the amount of bioflavonoids and antioxidants is more than just a little better with blonde coffee.  So, there may be some negligible health benefits. 

When it comes to caffeine, blonde roast coffee is the king. There’s almost double the caffeine in blonde coffee than there is in Charbuck’s dark roast coffee.

I can’t say that about my coffee, because I don’t burn the snot out of my (barely) dark roast coffee. But I must admit, there’s at least 60% more caffeine in my blonde roast coffee than my dark roast coffee.

Smooth Coffee

blonde roast coffee

One major advantage of blonde coffee is that it’s much smoother, i.e., not near as bitter as Charbuck’s dark roasted coffee.  That’s not true of my coffee. Since Lake City Coffee only sources the smoothest beans on the planet and I roast the old fashioned way, low-n-slow, all three of my coffee roasts are smooth as silk (White, Medium, and Dark).

I detest burnt and bitter industrial coffee. The sad part is that there’s no reason for coffee to burnt and bitter. I guess there are just some things that God intended to be done in small batches and by hand.

Maybe that’s why we’ve been so successful in providing the best home based coffee experience in the world. No brag – Just fact.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Best Coffee Beans For Espresso

Blonde coffee roasted beans generally stay fresher longer than light, medium, or dark roasted coffee. In fact all coffee beans, even mine, will start going stale and thus bitter in about 30 days.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of coffee sold in the US, sit in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years. And yes, that includes Charbucks. Additionally, there’s no space-age packaging technology that can change that fact.

That being said, I have discovered a way to make 2-month-old roasted coffee to taste almost as good as 1-week-old coffee. See this article (Click Here).

Best Blond Coffee Beans

whole bean coffee

As I said, I’m a huge fan of smooth coffee. I hate bitter and burnt industrial coffee. In my humble opinion, the smoothest coffee beans are grown in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. It is this region that I import all of my single-source beans.

Each year, my lovely wife, Alisha and I taste test dozens of coffee beans from this region. When we’ve found the best, we buy about a ton of beans all from the same farmer or co-op, which is usually enough to last us a full year.

Brewing Blonde Coffee

How To Make Coffee Taste Good

I suggest that you brew your blonde coffee the same way you brew your darker roasts. The key is to experiment with different methods. I’m partial to any brewing method that allows the grounds to steep (soak) in the water, e.g., cold-brew, AeroPress, French Press, etc.

Pass through methods like any drip system, either a machine, or slow drip, in my humble opinion, generally produces a bitter cup of coffee. The same can be said of any system that uses water or steam under pressure, e.g., an espresso machine or mocha pot. 

My all time favorite method of brewing any coffee is the cold brew method. Even if you want it hot, use the cold brew method and then just nuke it in the microwave. Believe me, this method makes the smoothest coffee on the planet and is more naturally sweet than any other method.

Whole Bean Blond Coffee

best coffee online

Anyone that buys pre-ground coffee can’t honestly say they’re a coffee connoisseur. The only way you want to buy any coffee is whole bean and then grind it just before you brew it.

As for grinders, you want a burr grinder. That’s a type of grinder, not a brand. Burr grinders work just like a pepper grinder or pepper mill. Same principle.

The advantage is that the coffee grounds are consistent. For my recommendations, click here.


Stronger Coffee

What is Blonde Coffee? What is Blonde Roast Coffee? Is Blonde Coffee the same as “White Coffee”. Yep! It’s the same stuff, just different year and thus a new name for an old product.

Blonde or White it’s all the same and it’s my recommendation that you give it a try by adding a little to your normal black or medium roast coffee. I think you may just like it.

Lake City Coffee

Russell & Alisha
Russell & Alisha

Alisha, my beautiful and talented wife, and I are owners and proprietors of Lake City Coffee. Our aim is provide the smoothest, least bitter, and most tasteful home coffee experience of your life. We’re the epitome of a Mom-n-Pop business.

Through the wonders of modern technology, we can import the best beans, roast them the old fashioned low-n-slow method, and then put them in your hands within hours, anywhere in the United States.

Give us a try. You’ll be amazed with your coffee and we’ll be hopeful to develop new friends.


Russell Volz

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