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You’d think that any Billings Coffee Roaster should be just as different as Billings coffee drinkers. Let’s face it. We live, work, and play in the Billings area because we’re different than our “Safe-Zone” left coast cousins. This area attracts hard working and hard playing people. We don’t drink “double shot decaf lattes, with skim milk, chocolate, caramel, lite whip cream, and sprinkles”!

Billings Coffee RoastersWhat makes Billings coffee drinkers different from Seattle or Portland or San Francisco coffee drinkers? Well, maybe is because we’re not interested in bitter and burnt industrial coffee. Maybe we want smooth and flavorful coffee, like Great-Grandma used to make.

So, then why do most of the local Billings coffee roasters let our left coast, light-in-the-loafers cousins dictate to us what coffee should taste like? Coffee was never meant to taste bitter and burnt. As small independent specialty Billings coffee roasters we should get back to basics.

The best whole bean coffee only takes 3 things.

  1. Good Beans – High altitude grown; Single Source (1 farmer); Hand picked; Sun dried
  2. Low-n-Slow Roast – Why on earth would a Billings Coffee Roaster buy good beans and then burn the snot out of them, which makes no sense to me. Coffee should never be black; at most a dark brown.
  3. Fresh Coffee Beans – All coffee, and I mean ALL coffee starts going stale in a few weeks. And no amount of space-age packaging can keep the beans fresh. The fresher the beans the better the taste.

Billings Coffee RoasterRoast Date

Did you know that a vast majority of coffee sold in the US has been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years?   And to increase the shelf life, industrial coffee companies burn the snot out of their beans. That’s why the expiration date on most coffee is 12-24 months. Yuck!

Look, if you can’t find a roast date on a coffee bag, then don’t buy it. If the roast date is older than a week or two, don’t buy it. Oh, and if it has one of those gay one-way-valves on it, then you can be assured that this coffee is already stale and bitter.

Costa Rican CoffeeCosta Rican Coffee

One caution about “blends”.  The word “blend” is marketing speak for, “We purchased the cheapest beans that we could find and blended them together.”  Not us.  We’re partial to Central American coffee, especially Costa Rican Coffee.  Why?  Because, Costa Rican Coffee is perfect for our low-n-slow roasting method, leaving the coffee naturally sweet and smooth as a Billings summer day.   At the risk of sounding like a left coaster, our Costa Rican Coffee is also organic.

If you’re a coffee lover then check out Lake City Coffee. We source the best beans that money can buy. We roast low-n-slow and FedEx your coffee on the same day. We are the best and certainly the freshest Billings Coffee Roaster that you’re likely to find. No brag – Just fact.

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Billings Coffee Roaster

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