The 8 Truths About Whole Bean Coffee

Why drink coffee that’s just OK, when you can have the best coffee experience of your life?   All you really need is the best whole bean coffee and about 60 seconds.  That’s it.  Yet, most Americans enjoy drinking burnt and bitter industrial coffee.  Why bother when you can have so much more?

Best Whole Bean Coffee RoastersPart of the problem is that the only thing Americans know about coffee is what advertising agencies have told them.  Here’s a truth that most people don’t know.  The fresher the bean the better the coffee.  Now, I’m not talking about just a “little” different.  I’m talking about a soul satisfying great cup of coffee.

I’m talking about the best coffee experience of your life.  It’s like the difference between eating Cheerios vs. Eggs Benedict.  Yeh, the difference in taste between burnt and bitter industrial coffee and the best whole bean coffee is nothing short of amazing.

Best Whole Bean Coffee Primer

  1.  Coffee Drinker90% of Americans wouldn’t know a Kenya from Colombian; an Ethiopian from a Kona;  or a Nicaraguan from a Brazilian.  The differences in taste is so minute, that it almost takes a professional taster to tell the difference.
  2. 99%of all coffee roasted in the US is WAY over roasted.  Coffee was never meant to be burnt.
  3. Almost all big industrial coffee companies buy super shitty beans, hence the bitter taste.
  4. All coffee starts going stale in 30 days and no amount of space-age packaging and storage can change that fact.  Yet the average coffee purchased in the US is over six months old.  That’s why it tastes bitter and burnt.
  5. “Blend” is a marketing keyword for “We purchased the cheapest damn beans we could find”.
  6. “Vienna Roast”, “French Roast”, “City Roast” are all marketing terms for “We burnt the shit out of the beans so that you idiots can’t tell that we bought shitty beans”.
  7. You Want Coffee That’s:
    • Single source (every bean in the bag comes from the same farm)
    • Whole bean coffee
    • Central American; because it’s smooth, flavorful, and reasonably priced.
    • Brown roasted beans.  NOT burnt to a black crisp!
    • Fresh roasted within the last week and certainly not more than 30 days.  Good luck finding a roast date on a bag of coffee from any big industrial coffee company
  8. Brewing is a big deal to taste.  Check out this BLOG POST.

That’s where Lake City Coffee comes in.  We deliver to you the best home brewing coffee experience of your life.  No brag, just fact.



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