Best Light Roast Coffee And Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

If you’re looking for super smooth coffee, without that bitter and burnt nasty flavor, then you’re in the right place. I’m going to show you how to find and then brew the best light roast coffee from the best light roast coffee beans. Let’s get one thing straight. God never intended coffee to be bitter and burnt. There are just some things in this world that can’t be properly done in huge production vats. And coffee is one of them.

Grandma’s Fresh Roasted Coffee

best light roast coffee
Grandma’s Fresh Roasted Coffee

Did you know that your Grandma or Great-Grandma or Great-Great-Grandma (circa pre-1919), made one mean cup of coffee. It was smooth as silk, with a variety of prominent flavors, such as chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, nut, earthy, spice, etc. In her day, coffee was a delicacy, which was savored as if it was a man’s last meal. In fact, Grandpa got out of bed each morning with nothing to look forward to but a full day of hard, backbreaking, work and a mug of his wife’s great coffee. 

What made Grandma’s coffee so damn good? Primarily, two things. First, Grandma’s coffee was fresh because she roasted her own beans. No one. And I mean, no one, bought pre-roasted coffee. Grandma and every coffee brewer in the world purchased green coffee beans; primarily because if kept dry, they’ll last exceedingly well for years. 

When Grandma roasted her own beans, she roasted every week. She knew that old roasted coffee turned bitter in just a few short weeks. She knew that there was no way on God’s good green earth to preserve roasted coffee. Even today, no space-age packaging technology can make old stale coffee taste like freshly roasted coffee.

Best Light Roast Coffee

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

The second reason that Grandma’s coffee rocked was because she didn’t burn the snot out of the beans. Cowboys and Arabian Knights drinking coffee which was as black as the ace of spades and as thick as mud is nothing more than a Hollywood myth.

Nobody in their right mind, would take a perfectly grown coffee bean and then burn it into charcoal.  Heck even in the beginning when Americans started drinking coffee, shortly after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, they knew that the best coffee was mad from the best light roast coffee beans.

From that point forward coffee was usually roasted to a medium and sometimes to a dark brown, but never black.

Industrial Coffee Revolution

Industrial Coffee
Burnt-n-Bitter Industrial Coffee

It wasn’t the American Revolution that started burning coffee beans to the point of charcoal, it was World War One (WWI).  The US Army wanted to send the doughboys to Europe with coffee. So, they burned the daylights out of the beans and then vacuum sealed the beans in cans.

The coffee tasted horrible, but the soldiers came home wanting more, hence the impetus for bitter and burnt industrial coffee creating empires like Hills Brothers (Who were relatives of my charming wife Alisha), Maxwell House, Yuban, and eventually Charbucks.

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

cowboy coffee

99% of the raw green coffee beans purchased in the US are selected for their ability to survive being burnt and then placed in airtight containers for months if not years. Yes, you read that correctly. Most coffee in the US has been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years. That’s why it tastes bitter.

I personally like smooth coffee, where I can actually taste the subtle flavors that God put into those beans. Actually, I’m also a chocolate-aholic. Therefore, I like coffee that has a hint of chocolate and nut. Oh, and the coffee has to be super smooth, i.e., no bitter taste at all.

Costa Rican Tarrazu Beans

Fresh Roasted Coffee
Costa Rican Coffee Beans

In my opinion the best light roast coffee beans come from Costa Rica; more specifically from the Tarrazu region. Each year, Alisha, my lovely wife, and I spend days taste testing coffee from around the world. And every year we end up picking beans from the same region.

Since we’re just a small Mom-n-Pop operation, we try to keep things simple. We don’t offer beans from around the world and half a dozen different roasts. Nope, we’re looking to satisfy only one taste profile “Smooth-Chocolate-Nut or Fruit”.  Therefore, we source only one bean and offer 4 roasts (White, Medium, Barely-Dark, and Decaf (Swiss Water Processed).

White Roast Coffee Beans

best light roast coffee beans

Don’t confuse light roast with white coffee. White coffee is nothing more than a super light roast, which doesn’t taste like coffee at all.

White coffee is either yellow (tastes like straw) or golden (tastes like peanut butter). I roast our white coffee beans to a golden color.

Although many of our customers drink white coffee straight, I’ll bet at least five times as many people mix their white roasted coffee beans with either a medium or dark roasted bean.

What this mixture produces is a normal tasting coffee with a slight peanut butter taste, which many people enjoy, including yours truly.

Medium Roast Coffee Beans (Light)

smooth coffee

I know that you’re looking for the best light roast coffee or the best light roast coffee beans. I’m pretty sure, that our Majestic Medium is what you’re looking for.

This roast, as is all our roasts, is roasted differently than almost all other roasters. We roast the old fashion way; low-n-slow over an open fire.

Low-n-slow keeps more of the bean’s oils inside the bean. It’s the oils that contain all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor.

Sure our low-n-slow costs a little more, but frankly, I’m not roasting for your pleasure or my bank account balance. I’m roasting exactly what I like and I like smooth coffee with more flavor. So, if you want my coffee, that’s what you’re going to get.

Brewing The Best Light Roast Coffee

Russell's Ramblings
Russell Roasting

There are three major types of brewing techniques:

  • Steam & Pressure (Espresso & Moka Pot)
  • Drip (Most coffee machines, slow drip, slow pour, etc.)
  • Steep – allowing the grounds to be submerged in water (Cold-Brew, AeroPress, French Press)

I’m a huge fan of steeping methods, especially cold-brew. Why? I like steeping methods, because steeping allows more flavor to be extracted from the grounds, without also drawing out the bitter flavors.

For more information on brewing techniques, (Click Here).

Last But Not Least

best light roast coffee
Alisha & Russell

I roast early every Tuesday morning, while Alisha gets the bags, boxes, and shipping labels ready. By Noon, we’re done and the Postman shows up to bring your coffee to you. We think, and so do many people across the US, that we roast the best coffee that you’re likely to find anywhere.

And according to our customers, they think that we treat them as if they were family. If you want to check that claim out, just go to our “Reviews” tab at the top of this page.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and place an order and let us prove to you that our coffee is the smoothest, most flavorful that you’re likely to find anywhere. No brag – Just fact.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-48 Hours

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