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In my (Russell - owner of Lake City Coffee) humble opinion, the AeroPress is one of the best brewing methods for making "smooth" coffee. As one of my customers said, "The AeroPress would make dirt taste good."  I don't know about dirt tasting good, but I'll say this, the AeroPress will make just about any bean taste less bitter.

So, what is the best coffee for AeroPress? Let's take a good close look at what kinds of coffee beans lend themselves best for the AeroPress. Also, keep in mind that the AeroPress is one of the very few coffee brewing systems that is made in the USA.

Bitter Coffee Drinkers Need Not Apply

Cartoon character holding a cup of bad coffeeMost coffee drinkers haven't a clue what I'm talking about. Let's face it, most coffee drinkers like bad coffee. Just look at the millions of people who stampede like lemmings into Charbucks on a daily basis.

But that's not you is it? If you're reading this article, I'll bet that you love great coffee. You might even consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, coffee nurd, or just a coffee lover. That's why you're looking at the AeroPress, which I will say again, makes the smoothest coffee on the planet.

Super Smooth Coffee

Man relaxing with coffeeI (Russell) love smooth coffee. If my coffee isn't smooth as silk, then I'm not interested. By smooth, I mean that there is zero bitter taste. If you want detailed steps on making smooth coffee, then check out this article Click Here.

In fact, I want my coffee so smooth that I can taste all kinds of prominent and even some of the subtle flavors that God put into those glorious beans. Imagine a coffee so smooth that you can taste hints of chocolate, citrus, nut, berry, etc.

The Magic Combination For Awesome Coffee

AeroPress coffeemaker and accessories

AeroPress coffeemaker and accessories

Even though the AeroPress makes just about any coffee bean, regardless of the roast, less bitter, why bother putting bitter beans into an AeroPress. I contend that you're looking for great coffee, then buy beans that are already smooth as silk that taste great. The AeroPress is only going to make those fantastic beans even better.

I'm telling you that combining great beans, with the perfect roast, and brewing with the AeroPress is by far the finest combination of creating an awesome cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Beans For AeroPress

If smooth as silk and packed with flavor is our goal, then Costa Rica is your destination. I've tasted a lot of coffee from all over the world. In my humble opinion, coffee from Central America is generally smooth. More specifically, the best Central American coffee can be found in Costa Rica. And the best that Costa Rica has to offer comes from the Tarrazu Region.

A vast majority of coffee companies never taste test the beans that they buy. Here at Lake City Coffee, Alisha (my wife and partner in crime) and I, each year, we taste test over two dozen beans from the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica. We are looking for a very specific taste profile in our beans. Each year, we source only one bean, which has to be smooth as silk with prominent notes of chocolate.

The Perfect Roast For AeroPress

Costa Rican PickerFrench Roast, Italian Roast, Continental Roast, Espresso Roast, are all nothing more than marketing BS for different shades of burnt. If a bean is burnt, i.e. black, then, IMHO, it's not worth feeding to pigs. When drinking coffee brewed from burnt beans, you can only taste the roaster, not the bean. Nearly every industrial coffee company roasts their beans hot-n-fast, thus burning their beans. Heck, even most of the small independent coffee roasters, all want to be the next Charbucks, so they all have the same "burnt" taste profile goal.

Here at Lake City Coffee, I offer only 3 roasts, (Barely Dark, Medium, and White). I also roast the old fashion way, gently roasting our beans low-n-slow to perfection. The reason that I have only 3 roasts is that's all you're ever going to need or want. If you want to test that assertion, just go to the top of this page and click on the tab "Reviews". I think that ought to convince you, that we are quite different than any other coffee company that you're likely to find.

Fresh Roasted Whole Beans

Russell Roasting

Russell Roasting

Sadly a vast majority of roasted coffee sold in the USA have been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years. Most people don't know that coffee beans start going stale (bitter) immediately after roasting. Unfortunately, no amount of space-age packaging technology can change that fact.

Most of our customers buy 3 bags at a time because shipping is free with 3 bags or more. I was concerned about that 3rd bag tasting nearly as good as the first bag. So, I spent sever months experimenting to find a way to make that 3rd bag "nearly" as good as the first. Well, I created a coffee preserving crack that works pretty darn good; not perfect mind you, but pretty close. Just go the top of this website, hover over the FAQ tab, and select "How To Keep Beans Fresh".

Every Tuesday morning at 7AM Pacific Time, I collect my orders for the week, roast my beans, and within a few hours those fresh beans are on their way to you. That's why we say, "From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-72 Hours".  When coffee is this fresh, it's bound be awesome coffee.

If you really want the absolute best coffee for your AeroPress, then you're going to want:

  • Super Smooth Beans From The Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica
  • Gently Roasted - Not Burnt
  • Fresh - From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-72 Hours

Lastly, you're going to want a coach to teach you how to make great coffee. Watch the video above, showing how to use the AeroPress. If that doesn't do the trick then contact me.

Lake City Coffee

Russell and Alisha

Russell and Alisha

When Alisha and I started Lake City Coffee, our intent was to create the best home brewed coffee that you're likely to find anywhere. We pick the best beans, gently roast them, and ship them to you within a few hours of roasting. Heck, most of the time when I put a bag of coffee into a Priority Mail Box, the bag is still warm. Now that's fresh!

Although, we provide great beans, a great roast, and deliver them to you within 72 hours, that's really only 50% of the great-cup-of-coffee equation. The other half of the equation is your brewing technique. We're here to help you with that too. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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