Best Coffee Creamer For Weight Loss

Best Coffee Creamer For Weight Loss
Best Coffee Creamer

If you want to drink coffee AND loose weight, then the best coffee creamer for weight loss is this. None. It’s that simple. If you counted the calories in coffee with cream and sugar, you’d be surprised. So, don’t use any creamer.

Now, don’t stop reading this post just because you currently think that you need creamer to make your coffee remotely palatable. That’s not true. Let me show you how to have the best coffee experience of your life and not use creamer of any kind.

Trust me, if you like coffee and want to loose weight, you’re going to love this article.

Empty Calories

best whole bean coffee
Make Every Calorie Count

The key to weight loss is to make every calorie count. That means maximizing pleasure from every calorie. Some people receive great pleasure from eating. Let’s admit it. We live to eat. That being said, what we’re going for here is more pleasure with less calories. That doesn’t take discipline, but it does take a few small changes.

Changing how you drink your coffee is just one of those small changes. What we’re going to discuss here is how to enjoy your coffee a whole lot more by consuming less calories.

Calories in Coffee With Cream and Sugar

how many calories in a cup of coffee

An eight-ounce cup of coffee has roughly 1 calorie; ONE stinking calorie. That’s almost like drinking water for God’s sake. Let’s face it; if you’re on a diet, then 1 calorie is next to nothing.

Now let’s take a look at the number of calories when we start adding stuff to our coffee.

  • Cream = 45-60 Calories per tablespoon or 90-120 calories per ounce, and since most people drink from a 16 ounce mug, that means they typically use about an ounce of cream, i.e., 90-120 calories. If you’re eating 1200 calories per day, then that ounce of cream just equated to 1/10 of your total daily intake of food. Was it worth it?
  • Half & Half = 18-22 calories per tablespoon or 36-44 calories per ounce.
  • Milk = 8 calories per tablespoon or 16 calories per ounce.
  • Sugar = 50 calories per tablespoon

Why Add Anything To Your Coffee?

best whole bean coffee

Walk into just about any coffee shop in America and order a cup of black coffee. Or make your own coffee and drink it black, with nothing in it. What are you going to taste? In a word “Yuck”! More specifically, you’re going to taste bitter and burnt industrial coffee.

Unfortunately, that’s the norm in America. BUT what if I could show you how to have the best coffee experience of your life, AND with nearly zero calories?

1,000 Years of Real Coffee

Why should I drink coffee

For nearly 1,000 years, everyone purchased green coffee and roasted it at home, in the oven or on the stove. People seldom drank coffee that had been roasted more than a few weeks.

Additionally, nearly all coffee was roasted to a dark brown color. Nearly no one roasted their coffee black. Why? Because the darker the roast the less the caffeine and the less the coffee tasted like coffee, and the more it tasted like charcoal.

This old fashion home roasted coffee experience was naturally sweet with distinct natural flavors of chocolate, citrus, nut, and spice. Coffee was a delicacy, sipped and savored as a special treat. 

Doughboy Coffee

Doughboy Coffee
WWI Doughboys

Then WWI came along.  For you Millenials, that’s World War One, circa 1914-1919. The US war department wanted to send American soldiers (Doughboys) to Europe with pre-roasted coffee.

The problem for the US Army was one of shelf life. The only way they could keep the roasted coffee for months, if not years, was to burn the snot out of the beans and vacuum seal them in a can.  Months later the coffee had turned stale and thus bitter. This industrial coffee tasted like shit, but the soldiers drank it by the ton and worst yet, they came home expecting coffee to taste burnt and bitter.

Coffee Revolution

Fancy Coffee

Starbucks, a.k.a. “Charbucks” started a new revolution by offering much higher quality beans. Unfortunately, they still burnt the snot out of the beans and vacuum sealed the beans for months. There are just some things that God never intended to be processed in large industrial vats, and coffee is one of them.

Even small local specialty coffee shops attempt to duplicate the “Charbucks” taste profile by burning the snot out of their “specialty” beans. Unfortunately, when they burn the beans, they also burn off the bean’s natural oils. It’s those oils where all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor reside. Burn those oils off and there’s nothing left but charcoal. If the beans are black, you might as well be drinking Kingsford charcoal.

how long does coffee really last
Industrial Coffee Warehouse

To this day, most American industrial coffee sits in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years. The problem is that roasted coffee starts to go stale and bitter in just a few short weeks.  And no amount of space-age packaging technology can change that fact. You can vacuum seal the roasted beans; freeze then; dry them; put them in the refrigerator; or even fill the bag with nitrogen. Yet, all coffee, even mine, will go stale and bitter in about a month.

Fresh Coffee Makes All The Difference

Fresh Roasted Coffee

The only solution is to buy fresh roasted coffee. Never forget this truth, “The fresher the bean the better the coffee.” And I’m not talking about a small difference in taste. Fresh roasted coffee is nothing short of amazing. If the coffee beans are fresh, then your cup of coffee is going to be so good that you won’t want to ruin it with cream or anything else.

Here at Lake City Coffee, I roast and ship on the same day. That means when you receive your coffee within 24-48 hours, it’s practically still warm. The aroma is enough to drive a coffee lover to larceny. In fact, I have to give free coffee to my mailman just to keep him from snitching a bag. 

The Smoothest Beans

Costa Rican Tarrazu - Amapola
Costa Rican, Tarrazu, Amapola Beans

I love smooth coffee, i.e., no bitterness. I mean zero bitterness. At Lake City Coffee, I source only one kind of bean, which is from the Amapola co-op in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica

This one bean, in my opinion, is the best bean on the planet, with a truly unique combination of smoothness, naturally sweet, and packed with distinct flavors of chocolate, citrus, and nut.

Gently Roasted Coffee

Gently Roasted Coffee

I also only have three roasts, White, Medium, and barely Dark. By gently roasting the beans the old fashioned way over an open fire, you end up with flavor; flavor like you’ve never experienced before. Not only can you, for the first time, taste the coffee beans, but you’re going to want to savor the moment.

Coffee won’t be something you just do on the run. Coffee is going to be your personal time-out; your time to truly enjoy every second and every sip. And you won’t need or want cream to enjoy it.

Brewing Secrets

Best Whole Bean Coffee

Believe it or not, how you brew your coffee is 50% of the trick to making a great cup of coffee. I’m a huge fan of the AeroPress ($29 Amazon), check out my video; Click Here

As great as the AeroPress is, if you’re looking for the smoothest coffee brewing method, nothing beats Cold Brew; watch my video by Clicking Here.

Best Coffee Creamer For Weight Loss

As I’ve said, the best coffee creamer for weight loss is having coffee that’s so fresh and so good that you don’t need or want creamer. 

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