Coffee Brewing Equipment Recommendations

Buying the right bean that was roasted to perfection is only 50% of the perfect-cup-of-coffee equation. The other 50% is in the brewing. Therefore, it helps to have the best coffee brewing equipment.  Below are a few of my favorite coffee brewing equipment choices. If you need more information on brewing techniques, check out this BLOG POST.   

Unfortunately, a vast majority of our country’s coffee equipment is made by Slave Labor in China.  I’m on a mission to find coffee equipment Made In The USA by Free Americans. Below are a few Made In The USA products. Hopefully, soon we’ll find and recommend only Made-In-America coffee equipment. If you find any coffee brewing equipment (drip, pour over, espresso, grinders, etc.), please let me know. 

Whole Bean Coffee Grinders

One of the most important items in your coffee brewing equipment arsenal is having a good grinder.  There are several kinds of whole bean coffee grinders; blade, flat plate burr, or conical burr.  You want a “conical burr grinder, (no blades).  Click the following link for detailed information on how to grind coffee beans.

Made In USA Coffee Grinder

Red Rooster Trading Company

Camano Coffee Mill

100% Made In The USA By Free Americans

You can find cheaper manual coffee grinders, but none made this well or any that will last for generations. You’ll be putting this work horse in your will.

Built from cast iron, meticulously machined, beautifully power coated, assembled with old-world craftsmanship, and hand polished.

This grinder may look like something your great-grandmother would have used, but frankly, this grinder is so well engineered and manufactured, that any little-old-lady could easily use this grinder.  

The Red Rooster Camano Coffee Mill will be the last coffee grinder that you will ever buy or want. So even at $149.00, this bad-boy will save you money over the long haul. For more information Click Here.

Quietest Whole Bean Coffee Grinder

Krups GVX212

Made by Slave Labor in China.

This conical burr grinder is relatively small, does a great job, and best of all it’s a little more quiet than most grinders.  There’s a fine/course dial and also a dial for how many cups.

If by chance it stops working, you’ve probably left the lid off (been there, done that) or the drawer isn’t pushed all the way in (been there, done that).

If this exact model number isn’t available, don’t worry about it, just get a Krups that kind of looks like the image here.

You can find this grinder at a number of home appliance stores or go to which has similar models for $60+.

Cuisinart DBM-8

Made by Slave Labor in China

This Cuisinart is engineered like a German tank.  Even though it is a flat plate burr grinder, these puppies have plenty of power.  I’ve used this grinder for events where I’m grinding and grinding and grinding for hours on end.  

It’s a bit noisy, but it’ll grind 6 penny nails all day long.  So, this bad boy won’t even blink at your puny little coffee beans, even our White Lightning.

You can find these at for $60-80.  

Big Whole Bean Coffee Grinder

Coffee Brewers

How you brew your coffee has more to do with taste than where your coffee is grown.  You can have identical beans, roasted identically, yet brewing them differently really changes the taste.  It changes it a lot.  There is no one best way.  It’s a matter of personal taste.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

100% Made In The USA By Free Americans

This is my favorite all time coffee maker.  Watch the video and I’ll show you how easy it is.  The closest thing to the AeroPress is a French Press.  Basically, the AeroPress Coffee Brewer is a large 12oz syringe.

This is fast and easy; put a paper filter in the bottom, put it over a sturdy cup, toss in some coffee grounds, fill it with hot water, stir, put the plunger in and press down.  Done!  Short of cold-brew, this is the smoothest coffee on the planet!  $39.99 on  


100% Made In The USA By Free Americans

If you like your coffee smooth and not bitter, then nothing beats cold-brew.  Just course grind about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of fresh whole bean coffee, put it in a quart jar, add water, put the lid on, shake, and stick it in the refrigerator.

In the morning pull it out, pour it through a strainer or filter (one of those gold metal filters for drip machine) and you’re ready to go.

It’s best to make it 12 hours ahead of time, but I’ve done it 10 minutes before drinking and it was fine.  Hint: You can even microwave it for a super smooth hot cup of heaven.

Best Drip Coffee

Cuisinart Grind & Brew

Made by Slave Labor in China

For a drip maker, this unit does it all, grinds and brews. 

If you need 4-10 cups, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  I have this bad boy sitting on my counter for whenever my son-in-law Jonny comes over. This is so easy that even Jonny can make a darn good cup of coffee. 

You definitely want the model with the steel thermal pot and the burr grinder. I recently saw these at Bed Bath And Beyond‘s website for $200.

Boiling Water

Made by Slave Labor in China

A gooseneck kettle is great, mostly because it doesn’t dribble on the counter. Secondly, it makes hot water really fast.

You can go with a cheep electric model for about $30, or a stove top for $20, or go to Goodwill and pick up a used one for $10. The problem with this inexpensive option is that it boils the water at 212 degrees, which is too hot. You really want something that will heat the water to about 170-200 degrees.

A really good electric gooseneck kettle will run you in the neighborhood of $100 

Goose Neck Kettle

Coffee Mugs

If grinding is the beginning of your coffee brewing equipment, then a good coffee mug is the last.  I’ve tried dozens of different insulated mugs. Most of them just left me cold (pun intended).  By the way, reheated coffee is “nasty”.  You could pre-heat your coffee mug with hot water for a few minutes. The challenge with pre-heating is that the coffee will be too hot to actually taste the coffee. I prefer drinking my coffee at about 140 degrees. 

Burnout Coffee Mug

Made In The USA By Free Americans

This space-age coffee mug will keep your coffee at a constant 140-150 degrees for hours.  It’s built like a German tank. Drop it, stomp on it, run over it with your ATV; short of shooting it with a 50 Caliber BMG, you’re not going to break this bad-boy. That’s why it comes with a life time guarantee.  That’s right. You break it. Burnout will send you a new one.

The Burnout Coffee Mugs come in, black and red or (seriously) red and black. The tall thin travel mugs come in 12oz and 16oz.

They also have a new 14 oz Burnout 2.0 mug that’s short an squat with a handle, which is perfect for you AeroPress fanatics like me.

At $69-$79, this will be the last coffee mug you will ever buy or will ever want. For the long haul, this monster is the deal of a lifetime. 


Made In USA Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug
Coffee Thermomiter

Coffee Thermometer

How hot should your coffee be? Most coffee experts will tell you to make your coffee at 200 degrees. More importantly is the temperature of your coffee when you drink it. I used to like my coffee super hot, so that the coffee would stay hot for hours. Eventually, I noticed that I couldn’t really taste the coffee when it was too hot. 

For me, I’ve found that coffee tastes best at about 140 degrees while in my cup. Everyone is different, so you’ll have to play with the temperature to see what’s best for you.

To get my coffee to 140 degrees, I boil my water, let it sit for a minute, make sure that all my equipment is ambient room temperature and by the time I’m done making my coffee, then the coffee-in-the-cup is about 140 degrees. 

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