Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over

The slow pour over coffee brewing system is good, but when you add the best coffee beans for pour over, you end up with the smoothest cup of coffee that you've most likely never experienced.

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Super Smooth Coffee

We (Russell & Alisha) love coffee that's smooth as silk. By smooth, I mean zero bitterness. I know most coffee drinkers can't imagine coffee that's not bitter. But it true. Coffee can be smooth.

Smooth is good, but you also want the real flavor of those beans. You don't want to taste the roaster and you don't want to taste the brewer.

Best Coffee Brewing Methods

We spent years experimenting with all kinds of different brewing methods. What we found was that brewing methods which allow the coffee grounds to sit in the hot water for a few minutes (much like tea steeps in hot water), that coffee turns out smoother AND includes more of the bean's true flavor, which ends up in your coffee cup.

There are four brewing methods that exemplify this "steeping" method; Cold-Brew, AeroPress, French Press, and as we've recently come to appreciate, Slow Pour Over.

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Slow Pour Over Surprise

Until recently, we thought of the slow pour over as nothing more than a manual version of a drip coffee machine. Man were we wrong about the slow pour over. It's nothing like the inferior coffee produced by a drip coffee machine.

In a drip machine, the water just falls through the coffee grounds. As it passes through the grounds, it picks up a minor amount of the flavor in those grounds.

Not so with the slow pour over. While slowly pouring the hot water over the grounds, the mixture foams up, thus holding the water and grounds together for a minute or so. Thus, making a better cup of coffee.

Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica

Coffee that's smooth (non-bitter) is good, but that's not enough. Although Nicaraguan coffee is perhaps the smoothest coffee that you're ever likely to find, unfortunately it doesn't have much flavor.

Eventually, I found coffee beans from the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica were not only smooth as silk, but also had notes of chocolate. What's not to like right?

Additionally, these unique beans had a sophistication and balance of flavors that I've only experienced in $140 a pound Kona coffee. This is why we source 100% of our beans from this magical region.

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Costa Rican Tarrazu

Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over

The best coffee beans for pour over depends a lot on what you like. If you like burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then you will have no problems finding beans that will suit your tastes.

On the other hand, if you like coffee that's smooth and packed with flavor, then the best coffee beans for your pour over is our beans from the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica.

Best Roast For Pour Over

In my opinion, coffee should never be roasted any darker than a dark brown; never black. Therefore, French Roast, Italian Roast, European Roast, etc. are nothing more than different shades of burnt.

When coffee beans are burnt, there are no oils left behind. It's those wonderful oils that contain all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and most of all flavor. Without those oils, you might as well be drinking Kingsford Charcoal.

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Lake City Coffee Owners

Lake City Coffee

Alisha and I (Russell) started Lake City Coffee in 2015 for the sole purpose of providing the smoothest and most flavorful coffee that you're likely to find anywhere.

Additionally, we found that coffee was best when fresh. Therefore, we measure our coffee's freshness by hours, not weeks or months. In fact our roasted coffee is still warm when it goes into your Priority Mail Box. That kind of fresh roast makes a huge difference in taste.

If you want truly great coffee that's super fresh and want to personally work with some fun folks, then we're here to be your personal roaster.

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