We at Lake City Coffee have a passion for “home brew”, and the AeroPress is the best brewer that we’ve ever used!  Watch the VIDEO BELOW.  You’ll find that this brewing technique is fast and simple.  Additionally, it produces the smoothest cup of hot coffee that we’ve ever experienced.  We use it almost daily.

fast coffeeFast Coffee

We’re not just about the best quality gourmet coffee, but we’re also passionate about quick-n-easy.  Let’s face it, the best coffee in the world is worthless if it takes you forever to make it.  And the AeroPress delivers FedEx fast.  This is one reason I love the AeroPress brew system.  I can make the best darn coffee on the planet in less than a minute.

Smooth CoffeeSmooth Coffee

The second reason I love the AeroPress is that it produces a very smooth cup of coffee.  Believe it or not, but “how” you brew coffee is just as important as “what” you brew.  I like smooth.  Like, “Crush” the turtle in the movie “Finding Nemo”.  That’s the kind of laid-back, zen like, coffee experience that I’m talking about. And man the AeroPress serves up smooth.

Strong CoffeeStrong Coffee

The third reason I love the AeroPress is that it’s strong!  I’m not talking about burnt-and-bitter industrial, chew-on-charcoal strong.  I’m talking slap your face red strong, wind your spring tight, with real coffee flavor, then finish with a sweet chocolate kiss.  I’ll bet many of you have never had a coffee experience like this in your life.

conservative coffee roasterReasonably Priced

For coffee this good, you’d expect to pay through the nose.  But, believe it or not, this puppy is only $29.  The way I rave about this coffee maker, you’d think that as a Spokane Coffee Roaster, we’d be selling these right and left.  But guess what?  We don’t sell them.  Just pop over to Amazon and search for it there.


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